Chainsawesome Games
Based in Québec City, Québec, Canada

Founding date:
October 13, 2012


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Knight Squad 2
Knight Squad

276 Christophe Colomb Est #300



Chainsawesome Games is a small studio composed of 6 chainsaw lovers that like to create mechanically fun multiplayer games for PC and Consoles. Up to now, they have released and self-published 3 games, Beatblasters III, Knight Squad and Aftercharge. They are based in Quebec City where poutine is actually good and winters last entire generations.



Chainsawesome Games is an independent game development studio founded in Quebec City in 2012 by Jean-Simon Otis, David Paré and Jade Bélanger. The three co-founders had previous experience in the game industry and decided to go their own way to create projects that were more aligned with their passion. The team specializes in creating PC and console games that are easy to get into and instantly fun. Their very first title, Beat Blaster III was a unique mix of rhythm and platforming and earned them the award for Best Audio Design at the Intel Level Up contest in 2013. Their prototype developed in 48 hours at the 2013 Pixel Challenge earned the first prize of the competition. This early demo then gave birth to Knight Squad, their second title. Thanks to a solid business plan for this project, Chainsawesome Games won the grand prize of the Catapulte contest presented by Ubisoft Quebec in 2015 and the studio has received $50,000 for the marketing of their game. Knight Squad was then released in fall of 2015 and has been downloaded on the Xbox One by 1.7 million users through an exclusive partnership with Microsoft. In early 2019, they released Aftercharge, an ambitious 3 vs 3 online multiplayer game on PC and Xbox One. The continued support of Microsoft allowed the studio to bring their new "robot hide-and-seek" directly in Game Pass on its first day.


In June 2020, the studio released Knight Squad on the Nintendo Switch while also announcing that the team is working on Knight Squad 2. The sequel is expected to release on April 14 on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Audio Design" - Intel Level Up, 2013
  • "48h Game Jam Grand Winner of the professional category" - Pixel Challenge, 2013
  • "Best of Show" - Destructoid awards at PAX East, 2015
  • "Best Chance of Commercial Success" - Catapulte Contest, 2015

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Jean Simon Otis
Programmer, Co-Founder

Jade Bélanger
Artist, Co-Founder

David Paré
Programmer, Co-Founder

Laurent Mercure
Communications Officer

Olivier Gaudreau
3D Artist

Jérome Turmel
QA and Project Manager

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